West Side Mountain Bike Series


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Seabrook Founders Day Mtn Bike Event
Sunday - July 24, 2022
Start Time:
Buck's Northwest

 Online Registration

Online registration is available until 4pm the Saturday before the event at the following link, and is the ONLY way to register:

Register for the 360 Park Event: BikeSignUp

 About this event

Come celebrate Seabrook Founders' Day Weekend with a race on Sunday July 24 (following a family poker ride on Saturday). The Seabrook Founders Day Mtn Bike Event is promoted by BuDu Racing, llc in conjunction with Buck's Northwest.

 Registration Information

Event day

EVERYONE must check in. If you do not check in, you are not considered a participant and may be disqualified.

Registration Prices

Entry Fee
Adult $33
Under 18 $23
CAT 3 Juniors 11 & Under $18
Prices do not include online registration fee. 

Bike Numbers

We will provide a vinyl bike number that will have your timing tag on it. It should be place perpendicular to the ground in front of your handle bars,.

What do I get with my registration fee?

  • Quick results - posted online as cell reception allows!
  • Age Group Award Medals, 3 Deep (can be up  at next event-not on day of)

 Refund Policy

  • Once you have registered and start riding the course, you are part of the event, NO refunds will be issued once you start the event.
  • If you have pre-registered and need to request a transfer please send an email to Info@BuDuRacing.com at least 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • We trust our participants to be honest in checking their COVID Symptoms, and not participate if one is experiencing any symptoms. BuDu will honor a transfer to anyone who is sick, but an email is required to do this.

BuDu Racing, LLC reserves the right to cancel an event due to issues beyond their control, such as something weather related. BuDu Racing, LLC will do what they can to accommodate each person who has pre-registered by allowing a transfer to another event, when appropriate.

 Parking and misc

Trailhead parking will be located at the DNR Trails trailhead area. This is a large clear area that is a dirt surface. General streetside parking in Seabrook is allowed. The course and trails are a short rideable distance from any location within Seabrook, and Seabrook is only one mile away from Pacific Beach with riding happening on the shoulder of SR 109 to get to the trails. Accommodations are available with Seabrook Cottage Rentals, though they currently have a minimum night stay that will decrease the closer we get to the event date. Sign up for their email newsletter at SeabrookWA.com to get more information on nightly stays and be informed when night minimums decrease! There are many places to stay on the beach in addition to Seabrook: Pacific Beach State Park, for Veterans the Pacific Beach Naval Resort, various AirBnB, VRBO, and other RV Campgrounds dot the coast. Book early as places fill up fast! All trails in Seabrook are PUBLIC. You do not need to stay in Seabrook to ride!

 Start Times, Course Information & Map

Start Times for Seabrook Founders Day Mtn Bike event (Currently scheduled for a Category Start)

Please review each specific event as there are different start times.

  Cat 3
Age Group,  and Juniors

Cat 1
OPEN, Age Group
Single Speed, Clydesdale, Athena, Fat Tire

Cat 2
Age Group
Event Length Approx 40 Mins Approx 75 Mins Approx 60 Mins

1 Laps
Jrs 1 shorter lap

Cat 1 - 3 Laps
Cat 2 - 2 Laps 
2 Laps
Check in time

You will check in as you start, unless you need to pick up your bike plate.

Start Time




This year it will be your responsibility to know your lap count, as there may be different categories riding at the same time

Please remember that courses are tentative and may be adjusted on race morning.

The lap count is a courtesy, not a guarantee. Course conditions can impact this on either side of the time frame.

After the first finisher in the time slot crosses the finish line, the course will close. Participants will be scored based on how many laps completed and then their finish time.

Course Map

Please remember that courses and laps are tentative and may be adjusted on race morning. 

Here is the 2022 course: Seabrook Course

Course starts at the trailhead and goes counterclockwise to the loop, where it goes different direcrtions. please view the map link above.

Seabrook Course Map


Category Description (Age Categories are age at end of year)

  • Cat 3 (Beginner) = relatively new to MTB Racing - Age Group Scoring
  • Cat 2 (Sport) = rides comfortably w/ speed - Age Group Scoring
  • Cat 1 (Expert) = Accomplished at MTB - Age Group Scoring
  • Single Speed = riding a bike with one gear
  • Fat Tire = Tire should be 26x4' wide or wider
  • Clydesdale = Men over 210lbs
  • Athena = Women over 160lbs
Self Seeding Categories, includes Cat 3 Age Group, Cat 2 OPEN, Age Group; and Cat 1 OPEN, Age Group; OPEN Single Speed, OPEN Fat Tire and OPEN Clydesdale/Athena. Age group divisions do not apply to Clydesdale/Athena or Single Speed. Medals are given out at each event 3 deep and for the Series Ending Awards, it is 5 Deep.
Cat 1
OPEN Male and Female - Ages 34 and under, and any other age who wants to participate in this category Any
Age Group - Male and Female 30 to 44
Age Group - Male and Female 45+
OPEN - will ride at the Cat 1 time slot-Scored based on who completes the most laps, and then time
Single Speed  
Clydesdale (men 210lbs or more)/Athena (women 160lbs or more)  
Fat Tire (Tire should be 26x4' wide or wider)  
Cat 2
Age Group - Male and Female 18 and Under
Age Group - Male and Female 19-44
Age Group - Male and Female 45+
Clydesdale and Athena  
Cat 3
Age Group - Male and Female 11 and Under
Age Group - Male and Female 12 to 18
Age Group - Male and Female 19 - 44
Age Group - Male and Female 45+
The promoter reserves the right to change categories, places, and prize list based on participation. While this is not a USCF/NORBA event, rules will be enforced. This includes wearing a HELMET at ALL times when on your bike.


 Lapped Riders

If a participant is lapped by the lead rider, you will finish on the same lap as the leader. On the final results it will indicate how many laps you completed.